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The main part of the AHEAD project consists in the cooperation of six big hospitals from Prague, Brno and Olomouc equipped with specialized cardiology departments. Data collection for this project has continued since 07/2006. In 01/2007, the AHEAD Main database contained records on N = 829 patients; as on 31 November 2008, it contained 2339 patient’s records. Members of the AHEAD Main project include:

  1. General University Hospital in Prague
  2. IKEM Prague
  3. St Anne’s University Hospital Brno
  4. University Hospital Brno
  5. University Hospital Olomouc
  6. University Hospital Kralovske Vinohrady in Prague

However, as the initial project was expanding, it attracted the attention of cardiology departments in regional hospitals all over the Czech Republic. Therefore, the AHEAD Network emerged in 01/2007, when the first record from a regional hospital enriched the AHEAD database.

Project title:

Management, treatment and prognosis of acute heart failure patients

Project leader: Prof. MUDr. Jindřich ©pinar, CSc.

Acute heart failure represents a serious clinical syndrome which is associated with many diagnoses. Typical characteristics of acute heart failure patients include: dyspnoea, low cardiac output, tissue hypoperfusion and high pulmonary blood pressure. The prognosis of heart failure is very poor: 10% in-hospital mortality, 20-30% one-year-post-hospital mortality and 50% five-years-post-hospital mortality. 45% of patients are re-hospitalized within one year after hospital discharge. Heart failure registries ADHERE and EHFS provided different results on mortality [1,2], and first results from the pilot analysis were different as well [3]. This kind of data has not been available for the Czech Republic until now.

Main objectives of the study:

  • Prospective monitoring of heart failure patients in 6 biggest hospitals in Prague, Brno and Olomouc.
  • Characterization of heart failure patients in the Czech Republic, establishing their demography, etiology, risk factors, diagnosis, treatment procedure and prognosis.
  • Definition of high-risk patient groups, optimization of treatment to improve their prognosis.
  • Optimization of the diagnostic procedure and improvement of health care for patients with acute heart failure, with the primary emphasis on lowering the mortality and the prevention of chronic heart failure progress.
  • In selected groups of patients, establishing the influence of inflammatory, endotelial and neurohumoral markers to their left vertriculus remodelation and prognosis.
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