Electronic case report forms

A detailed structure of parametric documentation is available for download (in Czech; PDF file, 186 kB).

Minimum identification record

Minimum identification record is one component defining the basic framework of the electronic documentation (the other component is the minimum continuous record). It involves mainly the primary identification of the patient, i.e. the month and year of his birth and his gender. Based on this information, the system generates an unique patient ID which will be always associated with this patient. Within the modular composition of the whole parametric documentation, the minimum identification record is obligatory and superior to the detailed description of the disease and treatment results.

Minimum continuous record

The minimum continuous record is the most important component in the modular composition of the parametric documentation. Along with the minimum identification record, it makes the second part of the basic framework of the documentation, i.e. the "core" to which other records will be related. The continuous records defines the individual phases of medical care, their input and output characteristics etc. The minimum continuous record (within a single hospitalization) consists of the following components:
  • Hospitalization.
  • Follow-up.

The same patient can be hospitalized several times, but it was set down at the meeting of AHEADMain members in January 2009 that every patient will be included into study only once from the time of registry origin.

Detailed structures of parametric documentation for different subprojects are available for download (in Czech language only):

AHEAD Main (PDF file, 186 kB) – see also project AHEAD Main
AHEAD ACS (PDF file, 217 kB) – see also project AHEAD ACS
AHEAD Echo (PDF file, 257 kB) – see also project AHEAD Echo
AHEAD QoL (PDF file, 300 kB) – see also project AHEAD QoL

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