About the project

Prof. MUDr. Jindřich ©pinar, CSc.
Head of the Department of Internal Medicine - Cardiology
University Hospital Brno
Czech Republic


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The acute heart failure is a clinical syndrome which can be a result of many diseases. The symptoms can occur in patients with or without a previous heart disease. The heart failure can be systolic, diastolic or mixed; the impaired heart function can be manifested even by heart rhythm disorders. This condition is often life-threatening and requires an immediate medical intervention.

The treatment methods are mostly based on empirical knowledge and are not supported by extensive mortality studies. Registries and databases which were developed in the United States (e.g. ADHERE[1]) and in Europe (e.g. EHFS[2]) demonstrate a big diversity of this syndrome and differ significantly in the most important parameter - the mortality.

We have decided to monitor the ways of diagnosis and treatment of acute heart failures in the Czech Republic. We have established the database AHEAD (Acute HEArt Failure Database) which is progressively filled with the patients' records from five big clinical centres: General University Hospital in Prague, IKEM Prague, St Anne's University Hospital Brno, University Hospital Brno and University Hospital Olomouc. This produces a pilot registry of health care facilities having an angiography unit and concentrating the acute coronary syndrome. The registry includes both heart transplant centres as well.

Our aim is to extend the database on other facilities - both on cardiac centres performing invasive cardiology, and on inpatient departments without angiography unit - to be able to monitor accurately and responsibly the characteristics, treatment and prognosis of patients with acute heart failure. See the comprehensive list of centres participating in this project.

If you are interested in more information or if you consider the collaboration, please contact us on the telephone number +420 532 232 601 or by e-mail: jspinar@fnbrno.cz.

Prof. MUDr. Jindřich ©pinar, CSc.

The registry AHEAD has been developed in the Czech Republic and currently contains more than 8600 records of Czech patients (as on December 5, 2011).


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